Birding & Culture


Enthusiastic bird-watchers from around Australia have focused their binoculars on the prolific bird life within 50km of the Lodge each year during our Arnhem Land Bird Weeks. Keen birders visit remote sites along the Liverpool, Mann, Cadell and Tomkinson Rivers, as well as the Arafura Swamps at our sister destination: Murwangi Safari Camp.

Our tropical bird-watching tours are professionally-guided by highly-regarded ornithologists. The tours are conducted across vast river floodplains, on inland billabongs, across savannah woodlands, inside mangrove creeks, out to offshore islands, along pristine coastline and within the iconic Arnhem Land Escarpment itself.

This vast untouched area is truly magical in its avian diversity.


  • Red Goshawk
  • Gouldian Finch (large flocks)
  • Northern Shrike-tit
  • Great-billed Heron
  • Chestnut Rail
  • White-lined Honeyeater
  • Northern Rosella
  • Hooded Parrot
  • Chestnut-quilled Rock-Pigeon
  • Sandstone Shrike-thrush
  • Red-backed Button-quail
  • Mangrove Grey Fantail
  • Arafura Fantail
  • Zitting Cisticola
  • Lavender Flanked Fairy Wren
  • Golden Mangrove Whistler
  • Brown Falcon
  • Northern Fantail

Murwangi Safari Camp, situated on the edge of the Arafura Swamp, is currently the primary host destination for Arnhem Land Bird Weeks. Please visit our Arnhem Land Birds website for full details.

Nature and Wildlife Tours

Although there is an incredible diversity of bird species in the Arnhem Land region accessed by the Barra Lodge, there is also an array of Australian native and introduced animals that can be viewed on tour with the Lodge’s 4WDs and boats.

Everyone wants to see a crocodile, and the world’s largest crocodile species, Crocodylus porosus, the Australian Saltwater Crocodile, is easily viewed in the rivers and creeks near Maningrida.

On nature and wildlife tours, you will also likely see the Australian dingo, Indonesian water buffalo, wallaroos and other wallaby species, and occasionally monitor lizards and wild boar.

Cultural Tours

The Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge is able to offer fascinating Aboriginal culture tours. You will experience traditional Aboriginal knowledge in action as local people guide you through a range of environments and activities and teach you about how people survived in this region until the mid-20th century.

Culture tours will also visit the modern art gallery at Maningrida which displays and sells art from up to 700 artists across central and northern Arnhem Land.

We hope that each guest leaves with a solid understanding of the local indigenous culture and an insight into how it relates to modern Australian culture.