Fishing Trip of a lifetime in pristine wilderness, with wonderful camp facilities and service. Food was excellent, guides were excellent, fishing outstanding across our 3 days.

Kenn Williams October 2019

Kenn Williams

The entire operation is very well run – great staff, accommodation, food and fishing!

John Campbell October 2019

John Campbell

It’s hard to improve on perfect!

Daniel Walsh October 2019

Daniel Walsh

A fantastic & very enjoyable trip. The food was first class and the views from the deck area were stunning. To our fishing guides Dylan and Declan a big thank you for sharing your passion for fishing with us. Your enthusiasm for fishing was infectious and showed us that teaching & guiding your guests was more than just a job to you. Congratulations to you all at the Barramundi Lodge.

Tom Redden October 2019

Tom Redden

The hospitality at the lodge was great and the professionalism of the guide’s was first class. The boys had a fantastic time and landing a once in a lifetime 114cm barra was unbelievable. We will be back again.

Bill Young October 2019

Bill Young

This was our 5th trip to the lodge and every year seems to get better.
Our guides Lenny, Dylan and Nick were exceptional and provided us with some great experiences.
Serg the chef again treated us with some amazing meals and his barra and thready bites were amazing.
Dave kept everything running smoothly and the girls looked after everything else.
Rod Hollands May 2019

Rod Hollands

The fishing blew my mind and was way better than I’d expected. This was in a time where apparently it was tough going due to the water temp.
If this is was tough going I’d love to be there when it was going off!! Could not speak highly enough of the Barra Lodge and it’s staff and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.
Thanks again guys, great job and I’ll definitely be back.
Dale Hynes April 2019

Dale Hynes

The trip was fantastic the lodge is great the food was brilliant and the view from the lodge at sunset is just beautiful.
Arnhem Land is a beautiful place to visit very peaceful showing you some amazing wild life in their own environment.
Do yourself a favour and book a trip it’s worth it. I wanted to stay another 4 days.
Scott Simmons March 2019

Scott Simmons

The fishing experience was wonderful. Dylan was an excellent guide, gets excited as much as we do when a nice fish has been caught.
Because of my age nearly 70 I probably won’t return, this trip was memorable.
One more item ticked off my bucket list- thank you.
Terry Clonan February 2019

Terry Clonan

Have done a fair bit of fishing over the years but this was definitely the best. Great guides,good gear,good boats.

Andrew Urquhart April 2018

The organisation of the entire staff was magnificent. All the guides worked as a cohesive group. They were knowledgable, hard-working, intent on ensuring our experience was paramount. They were all skillful boathandlers and fishermen. A pleasure to be with. The “backroom” organisation was wonderful. Getting the boats in and out of the water was like clockwork. The organisation of cooking staff and other support staff was well entrenched and so each day the fishing time was maximised without appearing to rush the clients. It is hard to see how the staff organisation could be improved. A very well led group of dedicated people.

Peter Sherrard March 2018

Fishing guides were fantastic. 4 different guides over 4 days and learned something new each time. Tried different techniques and spots subject to the tide and weather but were always catching something. Shaun the camp manager was great at making sure everyone happy. Was great source of information on the area.

Wayne James March 2018

Been to a lot of fishing camps in NT and this is the best. The young guides were amazing.

John Chivers April 2018

I had my 84 year old father with me. It was pleasing as to the extent and facilities and support given by the guides to ensure he was able to have the same experience as the rest of us. It was great to see the guide casting for him and handing the rod back once cast.

Martin Clark March 2017

The staff and guides made our trip memorable and our accommodation was great. The fishing, sharks, crocs, storms, camaraderie made our Barra trip outstanding.
Thank you so much guys, we had a BALL.

Michael Southcott March 2017

Very well organised. Accommodation, food and service for such a remote location were excellent. Fishing guides were very knowledgeable, helpful and patient

David Carpenter March 2017

The staff are very knowledgeable. They are also friendly and helpful, but at the same time, very easy going. Enjoyed the mix of being near the aboriginal settlement – perhaps a little more interaction with the traditional owners if possible but I do understand the limitations. The facilities were excellent in all aspects and transport to and from the boats and between the camp was seamless. Very professionally run outfit by Shaun, Andy and the girls. I would not hesitate to recommend to others.

Philip Middleton March 2017

The customer service and emphasis the staff at the lodge placed on making sure you were comfortable, safe yet still enjoying every moment was second to none. Shaun Taylor and his team are extremely customer focused and it was clear his whole team were working together to make sure our holiday was one to never forget.

Ryan O’Shea March 2017

Second visit to the Barra Lodge was just as memorable the first. Remoteness, fantastic food, amazing scenery and fish galore, and most importantly, crucial storytelling by our guide Declan. If ever there was a lull in the fishing, Declan would just tell us a story and the fishing would just perk up!

Leon Guest March 2017

An outstanding fishing experience. I took my father to the Lodge for his 80th birthday. The staff couldn’t do enough to make him feel special and worked incredibly hard to get us onto the fish. He will remember this trip for the rest of his life.

Clynton Bartholomeusz November 2016

Great service, friendly staff, good food, clean and well-maintained air-conditioned tents, knowledgeable guides, learnt new tactics. We enjoyed our day out with Lance Butler.

Chrystalla Sackley November 2016

The entire staff went out of their way to make our trip a success. It was the best fishing trip we have ever had. Lance and Ben taught us so many things and showed
us how to really catch fish. The accommodation was impressive. The food was fantastic. The girls were so helpful and nice. Shaun was hovering over everything
to make sure it was done well.

Stephen Beckwith November 2016

The change in the lodge had to be seen to be believed. It was noticeable not only in the improvements in the accommodation, food and boats but also in how much happier the guides seem to be. We had a full house but it was run like a well oiled machine. Hats off to Shaun and Andy – they made the trip.

Matthew Bennett November 2016

Thank you to all the fabulous team who made our fishing adventure a fantastic and memorable one. A special thanks to Andy our guide for getting us onto the fish and being great company on board the boat. It was great learning a few tips from you.

Alexis Taylor November 2016

I cannot think of any thing that could have been improved. Will make recommendations to all I know who love to fish. Absolutely the best trip I have ever
been on. All the staff where excellent and in particular the fishing guides went the extra distance to ensure we were spoilt with fish.

Michael Day October 2016

Guides were all outstanding, always working hard to find the right location, use the right gear and the correct lures and plastics. The boats were modern and comfortable. This was my third visit in 14 months and I will go back again.

Alex Awramenko October 2016

Tides weren’t great and fishing was a little hard going, but the guides made the most of what was available so very happy. Good mix of off-shore and barra fishing.

Matt Robinson October 2016

A fantastic experience. From the welcome to the food to the fishing, everything was first class.

Andy Currie October 2016

As this was my 1st trip to the Lodge and a new experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The accommodation, staff & food were of the highest quality and above expectation. I found the guides informative & willing to share their knowledge when approached. It was interesting to view the technology used on the boats; ie fish finders. My highlights were many, with the variety of species caught & the varied locations to fish. Additionally, getting the opportunity to fish with Lance Butler, an icon of Barra fishing & lure making, was definitely high on the list, along with young Declan on the last day casting lures up at Rolling Bay. I enjoyed the trolling of the rock-bars where the majority of our better barra came from, although there were grumblings from other guests who had had numerous trips before that not enough casting of lures was made available. (It’s a hard balance to keep everybody happy.) My only downside was my expectations were probably too high in that I thought due to the location that the barra may have been more in the range of 80cm to 90cm fish in lieu of the 55 to 78cm fish we consistently caught. For the four days, my barra count was approx 50 to 60 fish; now how can a east coaster used to catching bream & flathead complain about that! I can assure you that I’m not complaining as it was one of the best fishing experience I have had and have now ticked it off from my bucket list of fishing destinations to visit in Australia and I intend to return at a later date when I retire.

Steven Wilson April 2016

Dan Grasser was our coxswain and we both thoroughly enjoyed his company and his sharing of his vast knowledge in fishing. We were on a steep learning curve using baitcasters stalking/hunting barramundi for the first time. My elder brother caught a 94cm barra which was the best fish caught during our stay. Dan’s skills in using soft plastics to minimise snags was fantastic and helped make the trip an unforgettable experience.

Ian Mathersul April 2016

Declan was fantastic. Exciting fishing using the latest techniques to target each species. The OceanMaster 511 was a great fishing platform, comfortable, stable and safe.

Justin Hochen April 2016

Staff, organisation and running of the Lodge all first rate in often difficult circumstances. Unfortunately, the fishing was not what we had hoped for due to wind and tides plus the lack of a wet season. These factors were beyond your control and that’s fishing! I learnt a lot from your excellent guides and plan to do more barra fishing in the future.

Craig Gibson April 2016

I had an excellent fishing experience. Everything I thought it would be. Everyone was very friendly; even all the other fishermen taking into account I was a lone
fisher-woman. I loved it!

Barbara Dyer April 2016

Being able to cast lures all day and not just troll all day was just the best and guides’ assistance was invaluable in knowing the areas to concentrate on.

Kim Hochen April 2016

The accommodation is now really great the new boats are really easy to fish from the food is fantastic management is really proactive to your needs. The fishing guides are really good and provide you every opportunity to fulfill your dream of catching a big fish I have been here six times and it is amazing in all aspects of adventure holidaying.

Rod Lane April 2016

I had an excellent fishing experience. Everything I thought it would be. Everyone was very friendly even all the other fishermen taking into account I was a lone
fisher-woman. I loved it!

Barbara Dyer April 2016

I had the job of team leader of our large corporate group of 18 on our trip last week. This was my 5th or 6th trip to the Barra Lodge and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the new luxury accommodation. Those safari suites are magnificent. The boats and guides were great and the fishing was what you expect at this place. Best barra was a 99cm caught heli-fishing. Our clients were truly satisfied so it was mission accomplished. Good job!

Stuart Macdonald March 2016

It was exactly what i wanted in the trip. Caught plenty of fish, the guys working at the lodge were friendly and helpful, and overall a great experience.

Jason Mitchell

We had a really great time and the lodge staff where excellent. The river systems available are simply amazing with every day offering new experiences.

Peter Burgess

Great spot, great team , very well organised and a credit to all and done in extremely remote conditions. Always a fantastic experience. The fishing in what I regard as the best barramundi waterways anywhere is a BONUS!

Grahame Harriman

Not being a keen fisherman the experience far exceeded my expectations, the guides did a wonderful job in passing on their knowledge. They are very patient men having to deal with some very poor fishing skills.

Shane May

We had an excellent trip, about 300 fish caught!!! Not to mention the ones that got away! And the Shimano outfits certainly did the job

Peter Scott

Thank you to Dave, Jimmy & Ben for making Dennis’ 60th birthday so memorable. David and him had an AMAZING time. He hasn’t stopped talking about it since he got home. The few photos he actually took look great. Said he was too busy fishing to take pics. Lol. Highly recommend this trip to anyone wanting to fish. THANK YOU!

Jenny Neal

The fishing? What can I say? For a first time saltwater fly fisherman, the guides (Deano, Andy and Ben) did everything possible to get me onto fish – and get me onto fish they did. Their knowledge of the area, skills and determination for a successful trip each day, plus their very personable nature, made each day’s fishing an absolute pleasure. The lure fisherman from Adelaide advised me that Jason’s guiding was also outstanding – getting them onto big numbers of fish – from estuary to blue water. Fishing is obviously dictated by weather, tides, what’s biting etc…. however the varieties of fish available, variety of fly fishing techniques required, variety of environments (creek, estuary, blue water, etc) and ability/friendliness of the guides all combined for a superb experience; certainly enough to keep me challenged, interested and very, very excited during each day’s fishing. Peter Morse’s experience, guidance and patience was the icing on the cake. I learnt so much over the period from Peter (even though I’ve been freshwater fly fishing for over 30 years) that I am a much more improved and confident fly fisherman (although still with lots more to learn!).

Neil Roberts

This trip was for the annual “Fly Week” We caught some 35 different species, fished all grounds including rivers, creeks, reefs, shoreline etc. Had particularly good day at Super reef, catching loads of fingermark around the 5Kg mark, and at Queenie Rocks catching large queenfish and giant herring. I’ve fished the lodge many times and have never had a bad experience.

Andre Agterhuis

The lodge overall was very good. The fishing was particularly good, the staff at the lodge were friendly and accommodating.

Will Bosma

I like to fish with people who like to fish. Both guides that we had were extremely passionate–and very good teachers. The camp manager was excellent–and very helpful. Furthermore, being spoiled about food as we live in Paris, the food was very good–only far too much…..

Manfred Kets de Vries

This was our first trip and we had an absolutely wonderful time while we were at the Lodge. The food and service was excellent, much better than we expected. The country was amazing and the fishing terrific. Every day was good and we had one bumper of a day where we caught over a hundred barra, many of which were caught while sight casting lures to them. The guides were excellent and really helpful. A fishing trip to the Arnhem Land Barra Lodge is something everyone must do at least once!

Melissa Murphy

This was our 10th trip and it was absolutely great for the whole four days. The fishing was sensational, the chef was sensational and the accommodation great as always. Honestly, the guides work their arses off for you. The four of us in two boats caught several 100 barra, and they were quality fish too – very few rats amongst them, and they were good fit fish – lots in the 80s.
We spent the last day out on the bluewater and got smashed by big Spanish mackerel. We caught macs, queenies, golden snapper big GTs…and the sharks tried to eat the lot. We’ve already booked trip number 11 for next year!

Michael McClusky

Great place, great people, excellent guides and awesome fishing. A must do and can’t wait to go back…

Mark Hardman

I had three fish on my bucket list, black jew, a large king salmon (threadfin) and a 1 metre barra. Did not tell anybody until I caught the first fish a black jew which came on the second cast on the second day it measured 101cm, I was stoked. On the third day, I landed a couple of nice threadies. Fourth day, bigger threadies but the 1 metre salty barra eluded me, even though we probably averaged 30 barra each day. A change of tactics may have made the difference. I caught my first fish on fly – a barra at the boat ramp of all places! We cracked excellent weather, guides were excellent, quality of food and its preparation was top class. Manager Dave receives top marks as everything ran very smoothly.

Colin Groszman

It was my best fishing trip ever. The fishing was unbelievable. There were 12 in our group and we caught barra after barra after barra. They were everywhere, holding on snags, in the drains and on the rockbars. I caught my personal best barramundi – it was a beautiful 106cm fish. Straight after landing that fish I hooked and lost an even bigger fish that I couldn’t stop! The guides were great and all the people in our group caught fish, even those that had never fished before

James Bradstreet

After eight years since my last visit, the fishing is still just as good as ever. Our group (of six anglers) landed over 600 barra plus many other species in 5 days.

Brad Woollams

We had an awesome trip with heaps of great fish caught of varying species both in the rivers and in the blue water. We shared some good beers and chats on the deck each afternoon watching the sunset over the Arnhem Land valley which is a sight to be experienced relaxing and dissecting each day’s fishing; it really was the perfect way to end the day. The staff were great and very helpful, the guides consistently worked really hard to put us in the right place at the right time for the best opportunities possible and the accommodation and food were excellent.

Matt Armistead

Dave and each of the guides were magnificent – we couldn’t speak more highly of them and the manner in which they went out of their way to make the trip one which I for one, will never forget.

Rick Jones

A massive thank you to all the staff at Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge for another sensational trip! It just keeps getting better, that was my 7th trip to the lodge and again it exceeded all of my expectations. You know you are in Barramundi heartland when you catch 70 Barramundi and think it was average session, but 100 fish days are often the norm and I have even had a 200 fish session with 3 anglers so you can see why it’s easy to get complacent. The Black jewfish were again hungry and angry, we caught plenty again this trip and we actually had to drive away from them. The lodge, and its spectacular surrounds are as close to final frontier fishing as you can get, but there is no roughing it at the Barra lodge! Ultra comfortable cabins and beds, 5 star food that is enjoyed with a view over the Liverpool floodplains that has to be seen to be believed.

The Bluewater fishing was again brilliant and with all the usual species like Coral Trout, Spanish Mackerel like fleas, Black Kingfish, big Golden Snapper, Black jewfish until your arms give in and backbone stretching Giant Trevally all in the mix.

If you’re thinking about a trip like this, whether it’s two of you or a dozen or more, I highly recommend the Arnhemland Barramundi Barra Lodge. The spectacular fishing in exclusive Barra filled rivers in total comfort without sharing them with other boats in an amazing location nestled right in the middle of Barramundi heartland means it’s as good as it gets! I know I’ll be back next year, for a crack at the amazing Barra fishery and untouched waters that the Bara lodge is famous for. Thanks again guys for an awesome trip, can’t wait to get back there next year

Jason Wilhelm

Andy and the team were fantastic. Very helpful and professional. A unique experience with the highest standard of hospitality. Congratulations on making our fishing trip so very special.

John Carmody

Outstanding trip from beginning to end. Knowledgeable staff and guides, with a real focus on ensuring that everyone had the most memorable experience.

Tony Purcell

To catch eight fish bigger than a metre in two days is amazing. Upgraded boats were good and the new bus was a big improvement. Accommodation is first class.

Ian Jones