Coral Trout

Coral TroutCoral trout are found on bottom structures such as reefs and are particularly common in the waters off the Arnhem Land coast. Trout will readily take lures cast or trolled over shallow reef areas and they are also caught when bait fishing reefs and other structures.

Trout are tough fish and they put up a terrific fight — you need to get them away from the rocks or coral very quickly. Many consider the coral trout to be one of our finest table fish.

Other Names:Plectropoma maculatum, coral trout
Location:Reef and rock areas.
Method:Standard light-game fishing tackle in the 6kg to 10kg range and strong hand-lines. Deep-diving lures worked over the coral or rocky reefs will often entice a strike from the hard-fighting trout and they will readily take fresh baits. Soft plastic jigs are also highly effective
Regulations:For up-to-date regulations, check out the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries
Eating:Many consider the coral trout with its firm, very white and delicately-flavoured flesh with fine flakes and low oil content to be one of the finest table fish in Australian waters. It is highly-prized and highly-priced on the eastern seaboard and in south-east Asia