Giant Herring

Giant HerringGiant Herring are one of the fastest and aerobatic sportfish in tropical Australia. An enigmatic sportfish that generally favours warm inshore waters, often found in schools, and when hooked combines blistering runs and gravity-defying leaps that can test angler and tackle to the limit.

Revered by fly and light tackle sport fishermen alike.

Other Names:Elops machnata, Lady fish
Location:Inshore along bays, beaches and shallow flats; also in some estuary mouths.
Season:All year.
Method:Threadline outfits in the 4-kg to 6-kg range or 7-9 weight saltwater fly fishing outfits are an excellent choice for Giant herring. Small baitfish profile lures and flies are ideal. Can grow to well over a metre in length and empty a reel spool in seconds!
Regulations:For up-to-date regulations, check out the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries .
Eating:A brilliant sportfish – inedible, catch and release only.