Golden Snapper

Golden SnapperGolden snapper are prolific and can be found in most saltwater locations from tidal creeks and estuaries to coastal reefs. They are regularly caught bottom fishing but they are happy to take lures and put up a great fight when they do.

The fish grow to around 8 kg and are superb eating. It is distinguished by a prominent fingerprint-like mark below the dorsal fin. This mark fades as the fish grows.

Other Names:Lutjanus johnii, fingermark bream, spotted-scale sea perch, snapper, goldie, fingermark.
Location:Estuaries and inshore rock and reef areas.
Season:Year-round with peak season October-December.
Method:Offshore, snapper are usually caught bottom fishing but barra tackle is fine for the estuaries. Golden snapper will take small, deep-diving lures worked around reef and other structures, soft plastics and squid and pilchard baits.
Regulations:For up-to-date regulations, check out the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries
Eating:As a member of the Lutjanus family, the golden snapper is an excellent table fish with firm, white flesh with fine flakes, little oil and a mild sweet flavour.