Golden Trevally

golden-trevallyAlthough golden trevally do not reach as large a size as on the east coast, schools of 2-5kg fish provide exciting sport along coastal reefs. Once a school is located, fish can be caught one after the other on lead-head jigs or by trolling with deep-diving minnows.

Other Names:Gnathanodon speciosus
Location:Reefs and rocky headlands.
Method:Standard light-game fishing tackle in the 6kg to 15kg range. The fish are sometimes taken on bottom baits but lures and lead-head jigs trolled or cast around shallow reefs rising out of deeper water produce good fishing.
Regulations:For up-to-date regulations, check out the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries
Eating:Reasonable eating with firm, short-grained flesh and a sweet taste.