saratogaSaratoga are beautifully-coloured, high-jumping fish found in freshwater rivers, creeks and, more commonly, in the billabongs where they tend to shelter under lilies and other water plants waiting for a passing meal.

Saratoga are ferocious predators and will aggressively attack surface lures and flies. They can grow to about 5kg but are usually caught at weights between 1 and 2kg. A brood of juvenile saratoga will often retreat into their mother’s mouth when approached by a predator.

Other Names:Scleropages jardini. Northern saratoga, toga.
Location:Freshwater rivers, creeks and billabongs.
Season:Year-round (except for periods of high wet season floods which may occur during January and February).
Method:Baitcaster or threadline outfits in the 4 kg to 8 kg range and, in particular, fly fishing outfits. The fish will aggressively attack surface lures and flies.
Regulations:For up-to-date regulations, check out the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries
Eating:Saratoga are not regarded as a table fish and should be released after capture.